Preschool- The best learning option for your child

A child’s learning career hinges a lot on the quality of early education he receives and this proves to be an important step in building a strong foundation. In fact, it is this foundation upon which the child’s future behaviour and learning are dependent upon. This is where nursery schools step in and help children in preparing for their school life, socially and emotionally.
Children who spend time at the leading preschools in India, engaged in high- quality preschool programs are more successful in schools as they are easily able to adjust well primary school. Such children have less behavioural issues in school and easily show attachments to other children and adults.
However, for kids to gain in these areas, nursery schools should be focussed on providing high-quality education. The efficiency of any nursery depends on the following:
 Proper child-teacher ratio
 Qualified Teachers
 A safe environment
 A language-rich setting
 Adult-child interactions and exchanges
Children who attend nursery school are exposed to a structured curriculum which helps in developing their numerical and language skills that are suited to their respective ages. Since they engage in sorting, matching and counting activities in preschool, their numeracy skills are enhanced. Children learn to recognize shapes and can differentiate between sizes. They are exposed to games that involve numbers and patterns, thus developing their problem-solving skills too.
Through phonics (sounds and letters), your child will learn to read and write short words and sentences. This aided by activities like story time, reciting poems and listening to nursery rhymes. Every best preschool in India 2018 employs all such methods to give your child an early edge. When children get access to educational toys, puzzles, picture books and audiovisual games, it exposes them to numerical and language skills at an early age.


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